2017 Event Schedule

Here’s what we did in Deadwood this year! Next year promises to be even more exciting.

2017 Event Schedule

June 8th Thursday evening – Ride to Sturgis on the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway
Meet at hotel lobby at 5:00 pm, Patti (PJ) Fiala organizing.

  • Ride is FREE

June 9th Friday morning – 1880s Train Ride through the Black Hills – Sponsoring Authors: Paty Jager, Dennis Koller, Cheryl Yeko, Tina Susedik, E.E. Burke, Carter Wilson, Amanda McIntyre, Lizbeth Selvig

  • Motorcoach ride is FREE, train ride is $26
  • Board the motorcoach in front of hotel at 11:15 am
  • Games, prizes, and a special history lesson on the bus
  • Train leaves Hill City at 1:15 pm, motorcoach picks us up in Keystone at 2:30 pm across street from train depot or in Borglum Historical Center Lot

June 9th Friday afternoon – Rodeo “Behind the Chutes” Tour – Event for people with Friday Night Rodeo Tickets only!

  • Tour is FREE
  • 4:50 pm meet at rodeo grounds for 30-minute tour

June 9th Friday evening – PBR Rodeo – Sponsoring Authors: Paty Jager, Jules Dixon, Amanda McIntyre, PJ Fiala, Tina Susedik, Lizbeth Selvig, E.E. Burke, Cheryl Yeko, Lorelei James, VA Dold

  • Rodeo tickets are $10
  • Wild Deadwood Reads has a reserved area in the stands – look for authors in their cowboy hats, bandanas, and name badges
  • Head to a local watering hole after the event to hang out with the rodeo cowboys

June 10th Saturday morning – Book Signing – 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

  • Reader registration is just $5
  • 45 Authors, multi-genres
  • Photos with our cover model, artwork, chocolates, hair pretties, and essential oils. And a swag table!

June 10th Saturday afternoon – Mount Rushmore – Sponsoring Authors: Katherine Rhodes, Michele Shriver, Patricia A. Campbell

  • Motorcoach ride is $10, entrance to Mount Rushmore is FREE
  • Board the motorcoach in front hotel at 2:30 pm
  • Games, snacks, beverages and a history lesson from a relative who played a major role in the creation of Mount Rushmore

June 10th Saturday evening – Ghost Tours – Sponsoring Authors: Amanda McIntyre, E.E. Burke, Jacqueline Winters, A.C. Wilson, Lynn Cahoon, Inge-Lise Goss, Ginger Ring, June Kramin, Cassie Leigh, Mary Angela. PJ Fiala.

  • Ghost Tour tickets are $10, appetizers are FREE
  • Bullock Hotel, 633 Main St, Deadwood – first tour is at 5:00 pm – please arrive by 4:45 pm in Seth’s Cellar. Sponsoring authors will greet you at the front of the Hotel. Second tour is at 6:30 pm (or whenever everyone from the Mount Rushmore trip arrives). Happy hours, appetizers, and private bartender from 5 to 9 pm in Seth’s cellar.
  • Hotel does have an elevator available for those who cannot do the stairs and you can take your drink with you, too.
  • Take lots of pictures, you may not see anything but when you look back at your pictures, you’ll shout “WHAT”!?!?

June 10th Saturday night – Pub Crawl along Main Street – Sponsoring Author: Linda Rae Sande

  • Appetizers are FREE
  • Meet at 8:00 pm at Maverick’s in the Gold Gust, 688 Main St, Deadwood,

June 11th Sunday morning – Mystery Party – Sponsoring Author: Cheryl Yeko

  • Mystery Party is FREE
  • Join Cheryl and special guest Cowboy Kennedy in the Breakfast Room of the Holiday Inn Express 22 Lee Street from 7:00 am – 10:00 am
  • Say “Howdy” to Kennedy, play to win a prize, all the while enjoying your complimentary hotel breakfast – what a fun way to round out a fabulous weekend!