Linda Rae Sande writes Regency Romance

Ginger Ring writes Contemporary, Historical, and Suspense Romance

V.A. writes Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Cowboy Romance

Tara Vasser writes Paranormal Romance

Amanda McIntyre writes Contemporary and Western Historical Romance and Victorian Historical Romance

Cynthia Woolf writes Historical Western Romance

A.C. Wilson writes Contemporary Western Romance in both New Adult and Young Adult

E.E. Burke writes Western Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance (Western Setting)

Elena Hartwell writes Mystery

Lynda J Cox writes Western Historical Romance

Tina Susedik writes Historical Romance and Suspense – Anita Kidesu writes Erotic Romance

Cheryl Yeko writes Romantic Suspense, Paranormal, and Light Contemporary

Brooke May writes Cowboy Romance, Contemporary Romance, Fighter Romance, and Paranormal Romance

Teresa Keefer writes Contemporary and Paranormal Romance

Kirby Paul Anderson writes Lead-Deadwood History, Ancient Architecture, Spirituality

Sylvia McDaniel writes Western Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance and Even a Few Sci-Fi Novels

Peggy McKenzie writes Contemporary and Historical Western Romantic Fiction

Jacqueline Winters writes Contemporary Romantic Suspense

June Kramin writes Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Time Travel Romance – Ann T Bugg writes Middle Grade Fantasy

Laurie Olerich writes Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy

Paty Jager writes Historical and Contemporary Western Romance, Historical Native American Romance with Paranormal Elements, and Murder Mystery

Kari Trumbo writes Historical Christian Romance

Barbara Longley writes Celtic Fantasy and Contemporary Romance.

Nancy Naigle writes Small Town Romance & Women’s Fiction

Terri Osburn writes Contemporary Romance

Zoe Blake writes Historical Western and Victorian Erotic Romance

Maggie Ryan writes Romance Erotica

Melissa Keir writes Contemporary Small Town and Contemporary Western Romances

Lynn Crain writes Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance for All Genres, Romantic Suspense and Mystery Romance

Jan Drexler writes Inspirational Historical Amish Fiction

Jean C. Gordon writes Sweet and Inspirational Romance

Jacqui Nelson writes Historical Western Romance

Maureen O. Betita writes Alt History Paranormal and Romantic Scifi

Heather Blanton writes Christian Western Romance

Cindy Kirk writes Contemporary Romance

Megan Kelly Writes Contemporary Romance, Current Series set in MT

Lynn Winchester writes Historical Western Romance

Aaron Bunce writes Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller

Renee Ryan writes Clean and Wholesome Historical Romance and Women’s Fiction

Mimi Milan writes Historical (Mostly Western) and Sweet Contemporary (Small Town)

Tanya Stowe writes Inspirational Romantic Suspense

Delia Latham writes Inspirational Romance

Mary Manners writes Contemporary Sweet/Inspirational Romance

Denise Devine writes Sweet Contemporary Romance

Kim Law writes Contemporary Romance

Teri Riggs writes Romantic Suspense and Historical Western Romance

Danica Favorite writes Historical Western, Contemporary

Sara Dahmen writes Historical Pioneer Fiction (set in the Dakotas!)

Lizbeth Selvig writes Contemporary Romance — Small Town & Western

Zina Abbott writes Historical Western Romance

Marianne Evans writes Christian Romance and Fiction

Alyssa Bailey writes Americana Historical Romance

Christina Hoag writes Young Adult and Noir. Christina Elliott writes Romantic Suspense

Kit Morgan writes Historical and Contemporary Western Romance

Ashlynn Monroe writes Paranormal Scifi

Leah Negron writes Poetry and Short Stories

Angi Morgan writes Texas Romantic Suspense

Rose Marie Meuwissen writes Contemporary Romance

Linda Gilman writes Historical Western Romance (humorous)

Lea Winkelman writes Poetry, Sci-Fi, Urban Fantasy, Erotica

Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra writes Suspense, Thrillers, Detective, Short Stories

Kolleen Meyer-Krikac writes Self-help

Pamela Fagan Hutchins writes Romantic Mystery

Brian Petersen writes fiction.

P.J. MacLayne writes Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance; Mysteries

Kate Richards writes Erotic Romance, Historical (Western) Romance, Romantic Suspense

R Weir writes Mystery/Detective Novels

N. Jade Gray writes Romance-Western – Time Travel

Lisa Reinicke writes Children’s Picture Books and Historical Memoirs

Allie Fisher writes Erotic Romance (Scarlet Rose)

T.M. writes Native American Fiction, Crime Drama & Suspense, Paranormal Young Adult, Contemporary Adult Romance

BJ Sheldon writes YA Paranormal Romance and NA Contemporary Romance

Renee Blare writes Christian Romantic Suspense

Johnny Augustine writes Fiction

K Hanson writes Thriller and Fantasy

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