Linda Rae Sande writes Regency Romance

Ginger Ring writes Contemporary, Historical, and Suspense Romance

Andrea Smith writes Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance, NA Romance, NA Mystery, M/M Romance

Teri Riggs writes Romantic Suspense, Historical Western

Mary Manners writes Sweet/Inspirational Contemporary Romance

Lynda J Cox writes Western Historical Romance

Barbara M. Britton writes Biblical Fiction

Karen Carr writes Historical Christian Fiction, Children’s Books, Mystery

Jacqueline Winters writes Contemporary Sweet Romance & Romantic Suspense

Laura Hawks writes Paranormal Romance/Paranormal Mysteries & Suspense/Contemporary Romantic Mysteries & Suspense

E Kay Sims writes Military Romance – Sci-Fi- Action Adventure – Erotica, Contemporary Romance

Tina Susedik/Anita Kidesu writes Romantic Mysteries, Historical, Childen’s

Char Cauley writes Historical Romance

Sophie Dawson writes Historical Westerns, Post Civil War

TM Witko writes Native American Fiction, Crime Drama & Suspense, Paranormal Young Adult, Contemporary Adult Romance

Lisa Reinicke writes Children’s Picture Bbooks, WW2 Novels, Business Novels

CiCi Cordelia writes Historical Western and Paranormal

LoRee Peery writes Christian Romance

Kari Trumbo writes Historical Christian Romance

Linda LaRoque writes Western Historical Romance, Time Travel Romance, Contemporary Western Romance, Futuristic Romance, and others.

Ginny Sterling writes Historical Western

Reina Torres writes Paranormal Shifter/Sweet Western HIstorical/Contemporary

Angie Martin writes Midwest and Small-Town Suspense/Thriller, Paranormal/Supernatural Thriller, and Horror

M.J. Evans writes Middle-Grade and YA Fantasy and Novels

Zina Abbott writes Historical Western Romance

Kristen Cathey writes Fiction

Anna Hague writes Contemporary and Erotic Romance

Tabetha Waite writes Historical Romance

Heidi Hutchinson writes Contemporary Romance

Victoria Perkins writes YA (Multiple Genres)

Deanna Lynn Sletten writes Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Historical Fiction

Ethel Diggs writes Mystery

Heidi M Thomas writes Historical Fiction, based on her rodeo-riding grandmother

Jenna Brandt writes Inspirational Historical Western and Contemporary Romance

Mattie Richardson writes Historical Fiction for Youth, Young Adults and Adults

Lizbeth Selvig writes Contemporary Western & Small Town Romance

R.L. Kenderson writes Contemporary Romance and Paranormal Romance

Tiffany Snow writes Romantic Suspense

R Weir writes Mystery/Detective

Lori Beasley Bradley writes Western Fiction and Romance

Kris Michaels writes Romantic Suspense, Police Procedural Romance, Contemporary Romance

A.L. Long writes Erotic Romance/Suspense

George H. McVey writes Historical and Contemporary Western Romance

Beverly Ovalle writes Paranormal Romance/Contemporary Romance

Teresa Keefer writes Romance


Joanna Jones writes History for Children

Cheryl Carpinello writes Arthurian Legend & Tales from the Ancient World

Victoria Saccenti writes Romance

Maria Elene Alonso-Sierra writes Suspense, Thrillers, Detective, Short Stories


Liz Morton Duckworth writes about Poker Alice Tubbs

Julien Bradley writes Women’s Fiction Contemporary Central Romance Theme

Brenda Donelan writes Memoir

Sharla Wylde writes Romantic Suspense, Erotica, Urban Fantasy


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