2022 Attending Authors

Maggie Adams

Maggie Adams

Maggie Adams writes Contemporary and Paranormal Romance, Women’s Sensual Erotica, and YA.

Phoebe Alexander/ K.L. Montgomery

Phoebe Alexander writes Steamy Romance/ K.L. Montgomery writes Sweet and Cozy Mystery

Maria Elene Alonso-Sierra

Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra

Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra writes Suspense, Thrillers, Detective, and Short Stories.

Laura Ashwood

Laura Ashwood writes Sweet Romance (Contemporary/Historical and Women's Fiction)

Nikki Lynn Barrett

Nikki Lynn Barrett writes Contemporary, Suspense, and Paranormal Romance

Barbara M. Britton

Barbara M. Britton

Barbara M. Britton writes Christian Fiction.

Tracy Broemmer

Tracy Broemmer

Tracy Broemmer writes Contemporary Romance and Women's Fiction.

Sherry A. Burton

Sherry A. Burton

Sherry A. Burton writes Historical Fiction, Romance, Suspense, and Children’s Books.

But Nana Series

Children's series created by Betty Jo Huff, Robin Carmody, and Alex Portal.

Samantha Cole

Samantha Cole writes romance/suspense

Tricia Copeland

Tricia Copeland writes clean cont. romance, YA fantasy, and YA dystopian

Millie Copper

Millie Copper writes Christian Apocalyptic Fiction (plus Nonfiction Traditional Foods)

Lynda J. Cox

Lynda J. Cox

Lynda J Cox writes Western Historical Romance.

Tricia Daniels

Tricia Daniels

Tricia Daniels writes Hometown and Contemporary Romance

Lynn Donovan

Lynn Donovan

Lynn Donovan writes Sweet Western Romance.

T.L. Drake

T.L. Drake writes Contemporary Romance.

M.J. Evans

M.J. Evans

MJ Evans writes Middle Grade and Young Adult novels: Fantasy, Coming of Age and Historical Fiction.

Cyndi Faria

Cyndi Faria

Cyndi Faria writes Paranormal Romance and Contemporary

Sam Finden

Sam Finden

Sam Finden writes Clean, Western Fiction for Young Adults and up.

Rory Foresman

Rory Foresman

Rory Foresman writes Children’s Books.

Larissa Gail

Larissa Gail writes Contemporary Romance

K.J. Gillenwater

K.J. Gillenwater

K.J. Gillenwater writes Romantic and Paranormal Suspense.

Anna Hague

Anna Hague writes Contemporary, Paranormal, and Erotic Romance

Marie Hall

Marie Hall

Marie Hall writes Erotic Romance.

Leigh M. Hall

Leigh M. Hall writes Thriller/Suspense

Peggy Henderson

Peggy L. Henderson

Peggy Henderson writes Western Historical Romance, Western Time Travel Romance, and Western Contemporary Romance.

Juanita D. Houston/Anita Leigh

Juanita D. Houston/Anita Leigh writes Steamy Romance and Romantic Suspense

Violet Howe

Violet Howe writes Romantic suspense, romantic mystery, romantic women’s fiction

Tammy DeRudder Jackson

Tam DeRudder Jackson

Tam DeRudder Jackson writes Romance.

Maddie James

Maddie James writes Western and Contemporary Romance

Anna Kristell/ Isabella Kole

Anna Kristell writes Sweet Romance and Spicy under the name Isabella Kole


V.J. Lee writes Paranormal and Contemporary Romance

A.L. Long

A.L. Long writes Erotic Romance / Suspense.

Sheri Lynn / Sheridan Knight

Sheri Lynn / Sheridan Knight writes Contemporary / Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic / Vampire Romance, and Historical Romantic Suspense.

A.M. Mahler

A.M. Mahler writes Romance

Via Mari

Via Mari writes Billionaire, Bodyguard and Mafia Romance.

Savannah McCann

Savannah McCann writes Romantic suspense - Drama

C.A. Miconi

CA Miconi

CA Miconi writes Contemporary Romance.

Ashlynn Monroe

Ashlynn Monroe writes Paranormal, Contemporary, and Scifi Romance

Kit Morgan

Kit Morgan

Kit Morgan writes Western Historical and Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense and Women’s Fiction.

Carrie Avery Moriarty

Carrie Avery Moriarty writes Romance.

K.L. Myers

KL Myers

KL Myers writes Contemporary and Mafia Romance

Author Photo Coming Soon

Parker O’Dwyer

Parker O'Dwyer writes Thriller

Sidney Parker

Sidney Parker

Sidney Parker writes Romantic suspense

Debra Parmley

Debra Parmley writes romance, romantic suspense

LoRee Peery

LoRee Peery writes Christian Romance

Lisa Reinicke

Lisa Reinicke

Lisa Reinicke writes Children’s Picture Bbooks, WW2 and Business novels.

Haley Rhoades

Haley Rhoades

Haley Rhoades writes Romance & New Adult.

Ginger Ring

Ginger Ring writes Contemporary and Historical Romance as well as Romantic Suspense.

Danni Roan

Danni Roan writes Sweet American Historical Romance

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