2023 Attending Authors

Jean Alfieri

Jean Alfieri writes childrens / journals

Kristine Allen

Kristine Allen writes MC, paranormal, hockey, and rock star romance

Melissa Banczak

Melissa Banczak writes Cozy, romance, and fantasy

E.M. Bannock

E.M. Bannock

E.M. Bannock writes adult romance

Jewelz Baxter

Jewelz Baxter

Jewelz Baxter writes MC Romance.

Julie Benson

Julie Benson writes Contemporary Romance

Jessica Berg

Jessica Berg writes contemporary romance/cozy mystery

Marci Bolden

Marci Bolden writes Women's Fiction and Romance.

Julien Bradley

Julien Bradley writes women's fiction.

Barbara M. Britton

Barbara M. Britton

Barbara M. Britton writes Christian Fiction.

Linda Broday

Linda Broday writes Historical Western and Christian Romance

Sherry A. Burton

Sherry A. Burton

Sherry A. Burton writes Historical Fiction, Romance, Suspense, Children’s Books, ghost fiction and cozy mysteries

But Nana Series

Children's series created by Betty Jo Huff, Robin Carmody, and Alex Portal.

Ruby Caine

Ruby Caine writes historical

Christine Clinton

Christine Clinton writes Native American, Western, Interracial, Romance

Samantha A. Cole

Samantha A. Cole writes Romance/suspense, contemporary, MF, MM, and menage.

Emorie Cole

Emorie Cole writes contemporary romance

Mary Connealy

Mary Connealy writes Historical Western Romance.

Jane Ashley Converse

Jane Ashley Converse writes Contemporary Romance

Millie Copper

Millie Copper writes Christian Apocalyptic Fiction (plus Nonfiction Traditional Foods)

Angie Cottingham

Angie Cottingham writes Paranormal Romance, Why Choose, Contemporary

Lynda J. Cox

Lynda J. Cox

Lynda J Cox writes Western Historical Romance.

Pam Crooks

Pam Crooks writes Historical and contemporary western romance

Melinda Curtis

Melinda Curtis writes Small town contemporary romance & sweet romcoms

Jillian David

Jillian David writes paranormal romance and romantic suspense

Rina Dayne

Rina Dayne writes Badass Women finding love – in both contemporary romance and women’s fiction

Denise Devine

Denise Devine writes Sweet Romance, Suspense and Cozy Mystery

Brenda Donelan Wild Deadwood Reads

Brenda Donelan

Brenda Donelan writes Mystery

Lynn Donovan

Lynn Donovan writes Sweet Western Romance.

Jan Drexler

Jan Drexler writes Cozy Mysteries and Historical Romance

Lisa Dunn

Lisa Dunn writes children's books.

M.J. Evans

M.J. Evans

MJ Evans writes Middle Grade and Young Adult novels: Fantasy, Coming of Age and Historical Fiction.

Rory Foresman

Rory Foresman

Rory Foresman writes Children’s Books.

Micki Fredricks

Micki Fredricks writes romance

K.J. Gillenwater

K.J. Gillenwater

K.J. Gillenwater writes Romantic and Paranormal Suspense.

Pippa Greathouse

Pippa Greathouse writes historical western romance

Amy Gregg

Amy Gregg writes Mystery, fantasy, paranormal romance

Winnie Griggs

Winnie Griggs writes Western, Historical Americana, and Amish Romance.

Jessie Gussman

Jessie Gussman writes Sweet contemporary romance/Inspirational romance.

Amanda J. Hadlock

Amanda J. Hadlock writes Contemporary Romance with a western flair

Stacey Lynn Hafner

Stacey Lynn Hafner writes Romantic Suspense

Marie Hall

Marie Hall writes Erotic Romance.

Lori Handeland

Lori Handeland writes Paranormal, Contemporary, and Historical Romance

Shanna Hatfield

Shanna Hatfield writes Sweet Historical and Contemporary Romance

Ryan Hoffman

Ryan Hoffman writes mysteries.

April Holthaus

April Holthaus writes Historical Romance

Juanita D. Houston

Juanita D. Houston writes Steamy Romance and Romantic Suspense

Sam JD Hunt

Sam JD Hunt writes Romantic Comedy and Contemporary and Paranormal Romance.

Tam DeRudder Jackson

Tam DeRudder Jackson writes Romance.

McKayla Jade

McKayla Jade

McKayla Jade writes Historical Paranormal Romance.

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