After finding antique photos in her ancestor’s barn in Oklahoma, the author Patricia A. Campbell was inspired to document the true story on her family’s role connected with the iconic Deadwood Stage.  Of the 8 original organized shotgun messengers, 4 of the men in her family were hired at the height of the Gold Rush in the Black Hills.  U.S. Deputy Marshal Boone May, his brothers Jim and Bill, and their first cousin Gale Hill are featured in her books titled, “Deadwood in My Blood.”  Campbell reveals the men behind their legend and examines elements of their early life as trailblazers, and how they form the unbreakable bond with the historic stagecoach.  Her new release also contains exclusive content from “Black Hills Trails” author Cap A.M. Willard’s saddle trunk about Wild Bill Hickok, courtesy of his descendants. 
Campbell’s new release, “Deadwood In My Blood” has begun to gain recognition by leading scholars.  She chronicles a decade of research on her historic ancestors that operated the Deadwood Stage during 1876-1881.  She has written an authoritative narrative on the forgotten men that guarded the gold along the Deadwood Trail. Her incredible attention to detail has made her books a treasured resource for future historians interested in trail history.
You can get Patty’s books here on Amazon. 

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