Local, artisanal and made from scratch. Remember when our wares were made down the street, by a maker you knew and trusted? No? That’s right…those days are long gone to history! Just like the memories brought back to life by the Wild Deadwood Reads event, House Copper & Cookware is also recreating the American kitchen right in the heart of the Midwest. Wisconsin coppersmith and participating author Sara Dahmen is the only woman in America who fabricates and manufactures copper cookware (in her garage!) and builds it the way the smiths of the United States did several hundred years ago.

Using pure, safe, healthy copper, tin and iron – pure metals and no foolery – Sara pieces together the design aesthetic from traditional coppersmiths and creates the pieces so everyone can start to build their kitchen with cookware that is energy efficient and made by hand. Sara knows each person who touches each piece of the copperware and loves that she is helping to keep small, family owned and operated companies alive. With the help of her master smith under which she apprentices and builds vintage cookware using tools from the 1800’s, Sara drills and rivets, buffs, polishes and hand-tins each piece of copper cookware that comes out of House Copper.

What’s the best part? “I love that when I’m making that copper shine on the wheel, I know that it won’t rust and someone will find this in an archeological dig 5000 years from now. That’s crazy. It’s making history all over again,” she says.

Sara Dahmen
Author : Metalsmith : Entrepreneur


**Grand Prize Winner of Chanticleer’s Laramie Award for Pioneer Fiction**

MEMBER: Historical Novel Society, Historical Writers of America, Women Writing the West, Women Fiction Writers Association, Pulpwood Queen Book Club Author, Romance Writers of America (PAN)

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