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Deadwood Brothel Museum

Where: 610 Main Street, Deadwood

Walk through one of Deadwood’s houses of prostitution, an industry that operated illegally in the city from 1876 until 1980, when a raid by federal agents finally closed them for good.

Brothels were a fixture on the second story of buildings on Deadwood’s Main Street for more than a century.

Visitors will be transported through this 104-year story with a guided tour of the rooms at 610 Main Street, the original site of the Shasta Rooms brothel. The rooms are curated with a variety of period appropriate furnishings.

Tickets:  $15 Please note you need to meet at the museum and there is a 23-step stairway to get up to the museum.

Times: Two tours 10:00 and 11:00 am.

Thursday Learning Day

Where: The Lodge at Deadwood Roosevelt conference room 1 p.m. until 5 p.m.
Format: Learning sessions for authors and readers.

Tickets: FREE to attend but you must register ahead of time using the ticket button below to ensure your spot. We have limited space and need to know how many are attending for handouts or other materials.

1:00 Police Procedures – Samantha A. Cole 

Hollywood gets it wrong! (Most of the time.) Learn how to write convincing police procedure and arrest scenes from retired police officer and indie author Samantha A. Cole.

2:00 It’s the End… (self-editing) – Carol Kjar  

Putting The End at the bottom of your manuscript doesn’t mean you’re done. It marks the beginning of the editing process. It’s time to step back, let the creative dust settle, and look at our manuscript through critical eyes. We’ll talk about what to look for when you self-edit your first draft like clichés, echoes, unnecessary words, info dumps, and other places that should be taken out, added in, or rewritten. We’ll also talk about backstory, dialogue, and internal musings and the flow of the story. Polish your manuscript until it shines before you give it to editors, beta readers, and others.

Linda Rae Sande

3:00 Researching Romance – Linda Rae Sande

Research for Romance Novels

Getting Lost in the Rabbit Holes 
Whether you’re a plotter or a panster, at some point during the creation of your novel, you’re going to have to do some research. This class provides a guide to some tools and resources available to help your book be as authentic as possible when it comes to its time and physical location settings. We’ll also discuss how to use what you’ve learned during your research to enhance the reader experience and help you become the expert in the era in which you set your books.
Sherry A. Burton

4:00 pm

Join Author Sherry A. Burton as she presents History of the Orphan Trains.In the mid-1850s, there were over 30k children living on the streets of New York City. Children as young as four and five who had to lie, cheat, and steal just to survive. Some of the children were true orphans, others were not. Either way, their situation was dire and something had to be done. Between 1854 and 1929 over 250k orphaned children were shipped west from New York and Boston via trains. Some of these “orphan” children lived on the streets of New York City, some lived in asylums, and some were not true orphans at all. 250k children, from newborn to teens, riding what we now know as the orphan trains in hopes of finding new homes. Some of the children went on to have grand lives. Others did not. Despite the numbers, many in today’s society have never heard of the Placing Out Program. Sherry’s hour-long presentation explains why there were so many children living on the streets and spotlights some of the children who rode the trains and went on to find homes.Born in Louisville Kentucky, Author Sherry A. Burton lives in Michigan with her retired Navy husband. Passionate about the orphan trains and the children who rode them Sherry’s goal is to keep those children’s memories alive through a mix of historical fiction novels that revolves around the orphan trains. Sherry’s Orphan Train Lectures, Orphan Train Saga novels, and Orphan Trains Extras, are all endorsed by The National Orphan Train Complex.In June of 2022, the National Orphan Train Complex presented Sherry with the prestigious Charles Loring Brace Award for the historical accuracy within her orphan train books. You can learn more about Sherry’s lectures and her books at

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Thursday Meet-and-Greet

Where: The Lodge at Deadwood Pine Crest Ballroom B. 
Format: Cash bar with light appetizers

Cost: this is free to attend. Please register for a ticket so that we can plan for how many will attend. Space is limited.
6:30 – 7 PM, Authors Only – meet each other and pick up your neck wallets, tickets, schedules, etc. Receive last-minute instructions/changes, and open question forum with the Hosts
7 – 9 PM, Readers, Cover Models, Author Assistants, Vendors, and Sponsors will join the authors

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