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Wild Deadwood Reads 2025 looks to be even more exciting than our last five years! Here are some answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is a table? Full tables are $175 and half tables are $90. Each table comes with a black table cover. Full tables are set with two chairs each, and you may register your assistant or cover model to sit with you at the table. Half-tables have only one chair, and you will not be able to have your assistant or cover model with you.

Can I register now and pay later? No, we’re sorry. Our author registration fees are among the least expensive for multi-day events like ours. We offer a budget-friendly half-table option, and many authors come back year after year!

What does the table fee registration include? With either table registration, you’ll receive a specially-colored neck wallet and name tag that will boldly identify you as an Author as well as a FREE listing in the full-color Memory Book that will be given at no-charge to readers. Your listing includes your author headshot, a 400-character biography, and up to three book covers.

Do you accept new authors? We love new authors, and as long as you have at least one book for purchase, you are welcome to attend.

Do I have to be with a publishing company? No, not at all. Independently published as well as traditionally published authors are welcome.

What genres are welcome at the Book Fair? We are multi-genre, so all are welcome.

Is my fee refundable if I cancel? Fees were refundable through December 1, 2024. Should you cancel your participation after that, your table is not transferrable. There is a waiting list, and the space will go to the next author on the wait list.

Is there a separate conference fee? No, you only pay for what you wish to attend.

What time do we set up for the Book Fair?  You may set up your Book Fair or Vendor table Friday evening. Times TBD.

When is the Book Fair? The Book Fair is at the Lodge at Deadwood in their conference center from 930 am to 330 pm.

Do I need to register my assistant or cover model? Yes, their registration is FREE, but please be sure to register for a full table so they can sit with you at the table. If you choose a half-table, there will not be room for them to sit with you.

Should I register my husband, friend, etc. as a reader or an assistant and what is the difference? Either is fine, but if you want them at your table, please register them as your assistant. And remember, if you have a half table, there is only one chair, and only enough room for you there, so do not plan on having anyone sit with you. Their registration is FREE.

Should I register my family members? If they are planning to have breakfast or attend any of the Extra-Events, yes, you must register them as a reader or assistant. If they are only going to stop by and visit you at your table during the Book Fair, you do not need to register them.

Is there an age limit for any of the events? Be aware that there is alcohol and a bar at some events.

Do I need to purchase tickets for the Breakfast and Extra-Events? Yes. Not everyone eats breakfast, and not everyone is interested in attending our fun Extra-Events. That’s why Breakfast and the Extra-Events are “a la carte” so you are able to purchase tickets to only the events you want to attend.

When and where is the breakfast? It’s scheduled for 8:30 to 10 Saturday morning in the ballroom adjacent to the Book Fair.

Where is the Book Fair room? It is in the ballroom at the Lodge of Deadwood.

What will readers be given at the registration desk? In order for the readers to be able to find you easily, they’ll be given a Signing Map. An online version of this will be sent to you a few days prior to the Book Fair so you’ll know where your table is located (and your WDR-branded table tent will boldly display your name). Readers will be offered a Memory Book which has your headshot, bio, and book covers while supplies last. Readers like to get every author’s autograph, and this gives you a wonderful opportunity to interact with the readers. There is an opportunity coming soon for you to sponsor the goodie bags which will be given *empty* to readers. Authors, you will have swag at your tables to lure readers your way.

What else do I bring to the Book Fair? Markers and pens – you may want to bring a silver or white marker along with a black one so you can be prepared to sign whatever readers ask you to autograph, including the Memory Book. Swag – we will have a swag table in the Commons Area where non-attending authors’ swag will be available for readers but keeping your swag at your table will entice readers to visit you.

Is there free WiFi in the Book Fair room? Yes.

What do I need to prove that I have paid? Bring a printout of your event ticket. We’ll also have a list at the door in case you have misplaced your ticket or are unable to display it on a digital device.

What should I wear? We are casual, but as an author, you will still want to be seen as professional. Definitely wear comfortable shoes. It’s a western town, so boots and hats are welcome!

How many books and swag should I bring? This is always a hard one. Newer books and the first-in-a-series always seem to sell more, so we suggest you bring more of those. You should consider posting a link to a Google-Docs-type pre-order form in the reader group. A good rule of thumb is to bring 100 to 150 pieces of swag.

Can authors bring posters or banners? Yes, as long as they’re free-standing and do not need to be taped to the wall.

Are there restrooms nearby at the event?  Yes.

Is there an ATM in the hotel? Yes, in the casino area.

Do we need to bring our own books, or will there be a book seller there? You will need to bring your own books and be responsible for collecting payment for them. Tax forms will be available for you there if you wish to collect tax for your sales.

Neck Wallets and Name Badges? You, and everyone you register as an assistant, reader, or cover model, will have a printed nametag in a fabulous neck wallet. The general schedule is on the back of each neck wallet. If you do not wish to keep the neck wallet, please leave it on your table or drop it in the box marked Recycle Neck Wallet Here.

Can we take pictures? Yes, the more the better. When you post them to social media, use #WildDeadwoodReads to tag them to the event.

Who are at the Vendor Tables? We have a number of vendors each year, everything ranging from a cover model and photographer to a chocolatier. Be sure to support all of them if you can! If you know someone who would like a Vendor Table, please have them contact one of the hosts (contact info below).

How can I help spread the word? Please be sure to post pictures, videos, anything else you’d like to your social media, using #WildDeadwoodReads both before, during, and after the event. We want to get the word out about the signing and how much fun it is. Thanks!

Join Social Media and Get Active:

Website www.wilddeadwoodreads.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/wilddeadwoodreads/
Reader & Author Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1330472326972227/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/Gingernovel/wild-deadwood-reads-2018/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WildDeadwood
Instagram: https://wilddeadwoodreads.com/instagram/

Are there special rates at the Lodge at Deadwood? Yes.  For those attending WDR we have the number to book your room at the Lodge at Deadwood. The direct line to the hotel front desk is 1-877-393-5634 and the block will be called Wild Deadwood Reads. The nights of the 12th, 13th, and 14th are $204. They have several options of rooms so just let them know what you are interested in. The hotel is on the trolley line and has free parking so if you decide to stay somewhere else it is still very easy to get to. You can also set up your tables in the book signing room on Friday night, just like last year. No matter where you decide to stay, book early because it is during Wild Bill Days. Thanks!

Can authors buy tickets to the sponsored Extra-Events? For 2025, authors may buy tickets for the Extra-Events even if they are not sponsors. However, we encourage authors to sponsor at least one Extra-Event during Wild Deadwood Reads to give you, the author, a boost with your visibility to the readers. Sponsoring also allows you a number of exciting perks, and please watch for these coming soon.

How do I become a sponsor? Coming soon!

Do we need to send swag for stuffing bags? No, just bring what you want for your table or to hand out in town or at events.

Can we ship things to and from the hotel? Yes you can, but only if you’re a registered guest of the Lodge at Deadwood. If you’re staying at another hotel, please ship your boxes to that hotel. If shipping to any hotel, try and ship so that it arrives the week you are arriving, and clearly have your name and date of arrival listed on the box,

The Lodge at Deadwood
Attn: Your Name Here*, Guest Arr 6/12
100 Pine Crest, Deadwood, SD 55732
*note, be sure to send the package to the exact name with which you registered for your hotel room.

How do I get around town? There is a very inexpensive and fun trolley that stops at all major sites and hotels around Deadwood. It runs 7 am to 1 am Sunday through Thursday and 7 am to 3 am Friday and Saturday.

Is there free parking at the hotel? Yes.

What is the memory book? A beautiful keepsake full-color booklet that readers will be bringing around for you to sign. You have the opportunity purchase ads in it as well.

What kind of advertising are you doing to get the word out? In addition to boosted Social Media ads, we are also do and widespread local newspaper and other social media ads. Posters and rack cards are at local libraries, bookstores, and businesses. We are also listed on the calendar of event websites for major tourism groups in SD such as the Black Hills Badlands.com. We have partnered with a Black Hills company that specializes in promotions, and we have a special group of authors and readers who are working to create social media promotions for all of us to use to get the word out. We are also a part of the schedule of events for Wild Bills Days.

How many readers can we expect? Each year gains us more and more readers. Last year we had around 400 attend the book fair and next year looks to be even bigger. It will be the weekend of Wild Bill Days which brings around 20,000 to 30,000 visitors to town. Each business in Deadwood and select businesses in the surrounding areas will be showcasing posters for our events. We also mail out information to libraries and bookstores. But YOU are the main ingredient to make a successful Book Fair. Please let your readers know you’ll be looking for them in Deadwood, invite friends (personal and social-media contacts) via personal messages to let them know that you’ll be appearing. (on Facebook, search “my friends in North Dakota” then South Dakota, etc.) Consider offering special swag to your super-readers and fans just for showing up at the Fair. Hold a contest or two offering an enticing incentive for the winner to attend the event. Let’s work to make this event the best one you and your readers have ever attended. If each and every author brings in just 10 readers, we’ll have over 800 readers attending, and based on book sales during the 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022, 2023, and 2024 WDR, you’ll be amazed at the way your books will be grabbed up, and the number of digital downloads you’ll see for weeks after you return home.

I would like to donate a basket for the raffle or to give out during the Book Fair. How do I do this? We are excited to announce a new charity benefiting from our raffle baskets for this year—the Shiloh Horse Rescue in Deadwood, SD. They rescue abused, unwanted, neglected, and slaughter bound horses of all types. A basic belief of Shiloh is that all horses, regardless of age, lameness, or health problems, have worth, value, and can enjoy second chances at a new life. Their rescue horses go on to become wonderful first, family, child, show, trail, and pleasure animals. You can find out more about the rescue HERE. If you’re not able to attend in 2025, you’re welcome to send a basket for the Raffle. Just contact Ginger or Linda Rae at the email addresses listed below. If you’d like to give away a basket at your own table, please feel free to do so – but remember, you’ll be responsible for contacting and handing-off that basket to the winner.

I would like to plan my own Extra-Event. Can I do that? Yes! We encourage authors to create their own small events. And there is so much to do in the area! Please contact Ginger (Ginger@GingerRing.com) to discuss all the possibilities.

I didn’t make it in 2024 but want to attend 2026. How do I sign up? Look for a 2026 interest form soon.

Last Minute Details: A few days before the event, we will email you the Author Event Schedule PDF. This document is created with timelines and information only you, the author, will need. The email will also include emergency contact information and details you’ll want to know, like when to be on stage for the group photo, what times do the trolleys run, who is handling the live Extra-Events, etc. We want you to be informed and therefore relaxed and able to enjoy everything that is going on.

Who do we contact for more information?

Author registration and book signing – Ginger Ginger@GingerRing.com
The Memory Book – Linda Rae LindaRae@LindaRaeSande.com
Breakfast, tickets, hotel, financial questions, Meet and Greet – Ginger Ginger@GingerRing.com
Wild Book Reading and Learning Day Classes – Linda Rae LindaRae@LindaRaeSande.com

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