FAQ Readers

What is WDR? A multi-genre Book Fair event that takes place in Deadwood, South Dakota. The Book Fair will take place at the Deadwood Mountain Grand Hotel and Casino Saturday, June 20th, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Extra Legendary Events will take place all weekend, June 18, 19, and 20th. Reader Registration and Extra-Event Registration will be live this fall.

How much is a ticket and what does it include? Entry to the Book Fair is FREE. If you pre-register you will receive a handy neck wallet with your own personal name badge to help identify you as a WDR participant, and to allow you to connect with other readers as well as the authors. You’ll also receive a collectible full-color Memory Book filled with the photos of all the attending authors with a spot where each author can autograph your book for you. And finally, you’ll be given a premium, reusable bag provided by a generous author or authors that you can fill with books and swag.

What tickets must we purchased in advance? Some events will require tickets such as the breakfast and bus trip. We will have more information soon. You can purchase tickets to all of them or to just the ones you’re interested in attending. We promise they’ll be fun and adventurous!

Can I just show up and have breakfast? No, the caterer needs to know how many will be attending in advance to make sure there is enough food for everyone.

Can we just walk in to the Book Fair without pre-registering? Yes, you can. You will not have a neck wallet or name badge, but you’ll receive a Memory Book (if they’re still available) and a premium reusable bag (if they are still available).

Are tickets to the Extra-Events refundable? No.

Can I sell them or transfer them if I can’t make it? You may but then both parties must email Ginger (Ginger@GingerRing.com) so that she can update guest lists for each event.

When and where is the breakfast? It will take place 8:30 to 10 Saturday morning in the Event Center adjacent to the book signing. Tickets required.

What do I need to show that I have paid? Your event ticket from Brown Paper Tickets. We’ll also have a printed guest list and can find your registration there.

What should I wear? The weather is usually nice but bring a light jacket or sweater just in case and, of course, comfortable shoes.

Do we receive special rates at the Deadwood Mountain Grand? Yes, and you’ll want to book your room early because they fill up fast. As soon as we have the discount code for the hotel it will be posted on the hotel page.

Can I bring books and other items for authors to sign? Yes, as long as it is not overly large or may be hazardous to others.

Are there bathrooms nearby at all the events and on the buses?  Yes.

Is there an ATM in the Event Center? Yes, there is, and there are also ATMs downstairs in the smoke-free casino.

Is the author list set in stone? No, unfortunately sometimes things happen and an author may have to cancel at the last moment. There are also new authors joining all the time.

Can I ship books home from the hotel? Yes, they have shipping services available.

How do I get around town? There is a very inexpensive and fun trolley that stops at all major sites and hotels around Deadwood. It runs 7 am to 1 am Sunday through Thursday and 7 am to 3 am Friday and Saturday.

Is there free parking at the hotel? Yes, and valet parking. Once you arrive at the Deadwood Mountain Grand, you’ll be greeted by helpful valet staff who will guide you through the casino to the hotel registration desk. (Yes, you must travel through the casino to get to the hotel. It’s just like Las Vegas!)

Is there an age limit for any of the events? Be aware that there is alcohol and a bar at some events.

Can we take pictures? Yes, the more the better. When you post them to social media, use #WildDeadwoodReads to tag them to the event.

What can I do to help? Please share your excitement with your friends and encourage them to come to Deadwood with you. We also need volunteers if you wish to help with the book signing.

How do I stay up to date on what is going on? Please join our reader group on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1330472326972227/

I’m traveling alone and unsure of what to do. Deadwood is a small town that thrives on tourists. Everyone is very friendly, and you won’t get lost. Attend the Meet-and-Greet Thursday night and you will meet lots of other book lovers ready to hit the town and talk about the stories we love. With the neck wallets, you will easily be able to identify others around town who may wish to join you for lunch or an adventure. In the reader Facebook group we also have a couple other fun events that you won’t find on the website.

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