Doctor of Oriental Medicine, graduated from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland , Oregon in 1993. She has been practicing Chinese Medicine for over 25 years with specialties in Immunology, Allergy, Chronic Immune Deficiencies, and Internal Medicine.

Dr. Ragle  worked in the education fields for 10 years teaching Anatomy/Physiology and Microbiology to nurses and massage therapists with a Bachelor’s of Science (1975) in Secondary Education, certified Chemistry, Biology, Health, Social Studies and Art. She continued to obtain a Master in Science of Environmental Biology (1980). She spearheaded 7 Health Fairs in Alaska and was a judge and organizer of Science Fairs winning at National with one of her students.

Dr. Ragle worked with 2 different M.D’s administering their allergy programs that included testing, vaccines and diet. She also obtained a RN degree (2010) practicing in a Geriatric Facility and continues to work with Geriatric patients in private practice.

Chinese Medicine has allowed her to work with her clientele in a wide range of disabilities. Chinese Medicine works to integrate an individual not only with themselves but their environment. She was an Examiner for the State of New Mexico licensing D.O.M.’s for 5 years. She worked with addiction specialists for 15 years. (NADA) She privately practiced 15 years in New Mexico and 10 + years in South Dakota. Nationally licensed NCCAOM and NM State licensed.

Dr. Ragle has taught meditation for 25 years bringing forth the connectedness of Mind, Body, and Spirit in our own health care. Her focus is learning how to manage your own personal healing for longevity of your life. Self-care is essential for maintenance of a spirit in a human body. Please take care of it! No one else has more of an investment than you!

You can find Carol’s book here.

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