Kathryn Daugherty began writing in 2005 when back surgery sidelined her from other activities. Kathryn began her writing journey by taking an online romance-writing course. Following her class, she attended conferences and workshops, continuing to improve her skills. Her sister Linda inspired her first published short story, White Lies. The story appeared in the Secret Attic, a publication from the United Kingdom in May 2007. Kathryn’s second taste of success was with a short story titled Secret Alliance. The story placed first in the Writers’ Journal Magazines Short Story contest published in the November 2007 issue. She also received honors at the All Iowa Writer’s Conference in 2012, 2013, and 2014 with her short stories. Having success at the short story level motivated her to complete her first novel A Case of Hearts. Published in 2013. She has now moved forward to her second novel She Promised Her Heart which is the first in a three book series.
Although Kathryn did not have the opportunity to go to college, she is grateful to her father for encouraging her to learn to type. Her father always said that her typing skills would serve her well. Since she has worked at a variety of careers throughout the years, she is appreciative of her father’s advice. Typing skills have not only proven to be useful in many of her previous occupations, but they have allowed her to pursue her passion for writing.
Kathryn lives in central Iowa, with her husband, Cliff. They have a blended family of five grown children and several grandchildren. Jessie, a seventy-five pound German wirehair pointer who believes he’s a lap dog, rules the house. Her website can be found at www.kathryndaugherty.com

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