About MJ Evans

I am a graduate of Oregon State University and a lifelong equestrian. I am also a former teacher at the secondary school level. My husband, Tom, and I have 5 wonderful children, ten incredible grandchildren and live in Colorado with our three horses and a standard poodle.
​    I have always loved writing and using my imagination to create stories and characters. For seventeen years I coached Odyssey of the Mind and Destination Imagination teams for my kids. It was so fun helping them learn to write one-act plays.
​    Because of my love for horses, this magnificent animal is the subject of most of my books…from the non-fiction equestrian trail guide books titled “Riding Colorado”, “Riding Colorado II” and “Riding Colorado III” to my fantasy stories and novels.
I have known and loved many noble and great horses in my life so I also decided to start a blog about them. You can learn about famous and loved horses at www.themisttrilogy.blogspot.com. I love riding on trails in the beautiful Colorado mountains and competing in Dressage. So, if I am not sitting at my computer writing a new story, you can find me sitting in a saddle!

You can find MJ’s books here on Amazon.

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