Good Morning,

It took some time to think about a description of my book.  In the spirit of Wild Deadwood Reads, the book is an epic love story.

A very young man with raw empathic abilities, confronted with true evil, rejected God and all that dwell on the other side, to join with the earth and animals, heart, mind, and soul.  The young man became strong with the force of the earth, and the universe.

As the young man became old, he was tasked with leaving the power of the earth behind, to leave his profession behind, to give everything, in the historic attempt to join with the mind of God, to be trained to save the lost souls of Raney and Dana, the lost souls of his brothers.  The now old man, who asked for nothing, was given the richest, most all-consuming love from God, Christ, Muhammad, and the Virgin Mary, Maryam, for his unswerving commitment and trust through dangerous and difficult tasks.

In the end, the old man joined with God, and saved the lost souls of the entire blue planet.  The Virgin Mary, Maryam, said to the old man, “In your mind, you did this thing for us.  In your heart, you did this thing for your brothers:  In your soul, for God.”  God so loved this old man, he bestowed the titles of Guardian, and Man of God upon him.

The old man now walks in the light, the love, of all the souls on the other side of life.  He walks with the love for every human being on the planet, in his mind, his heart, his soul.  His name?  Kirby Paul Anderson.

Whispers of Maryam is available at Amazon:

“Wild Deadwood Reads, where books are legendary.”

Kirby will be offering his artwork as well, and when you speak with him, you’ll be fascinated by the story he has to tell about his paintings. Here are a few beautiful samples:

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